2021 Kana Kitty (Butoh) × mst (Music) / Collaborative Performance, Tokyo
2020 October Exhibit, Hammond Museum, New York
2020 September Exhibit, Hammond Museum, New York

2020 Jordi NN, Sculptor / "Heimsendir" Collaboration
2019 Extinction Rebellion Event / Performance, Tokyo
2019 Publication in ZEEN SINE Magazine, Iceland
2018 Mireya Samper / Collaboration, Exhibit at Tellier, Los Angeles
2017 Fabrice Bony, Musician / "Frequency of Dreams" Collaboration
2017 Tomoo Nagai, Musician / "Tides" Collaboration
2014 Fresh Winds Biennale / Exhibition & Performance, Iceland



Ticklish fever
in my bruised bones
Healing soul.

Birds dancing in the clouds
of the frozen city
where towers sit on the horizon.

A concrete jungle
where we find
minds entangled
like the roots of the woods
Buried in the dirt
that turns into clay
which then shatters in our hands
and we paint the night
with the white chalk.

Our own dreams
glued to the open sky
Film noir
Under the stars.


Driving through Palm Trees,
And run-down huts
In the Golden
afternoon Sun—

I can only think of
Her collarbones.



Your existence is my gift of life;

Your soft sound, 

sparkling soul

I cannot live without. 


Your rhythm inspires

Embraces the earth 

You are the reason

For so many births.


Yet you take away breaths

with your perpetual power.

You see,

World wars end, and start 

with you.


Still I am so grateful.

For you are both

a necessity and a privilege.

We all seek for you. 

Desire or a require. 

I thirst for you. 


But you are no property

Not mine to possess

Because your very nature 

Is circle of life,

a joint journey.


So my darling, my truest love,

I’ll let you spill, splash,

swirl away

For you Dear Water, 

Are the Melody of Life— 

Shared by the world. 

The way we think
about our own bodies
our flesh, bones
and blood
as a manifestation of life—
how come the entire planet
with its immensity of species & organisms,
continental rocks
and all of its vast oceans
it is not respected
in the same way?
We have constructed laws,
social codes
and consequences
to the harm of our own bodies.
We ought to recognise
the harm to the body
of our planet
as earnestly.
When that embodiment
of life
is vibrating of alarm
right under our very feet
of our own greed.

The ship
that carries our existence
across stars of time—
we know as Mother Earth
— who has born us to life,
nurtured and nourished
every single one of us.
continues to give,
all of its energy
waters and atoms
the very elements
our entire existence
depends upon.
Despite our pure
of her very flesh and blood.
In light of
Anthropocentric Success & Advance.

One day
she will stop giving—
we ought to think about
the future waves
of generations
and continual life;
Evolutional Expansion
of the mysterious magical
that we know of
as life on planet earth.

Who are we to destruct what we are made of?